COVID-19 Safety Information, Rules and Protocols


In order to create a safe environment for all our clients, we are taking the following steps, and we ask that our clients adhere to the rules/procedures below, as applicable:


Gloves: New gloves shall be utilized for each client (as always).


Tools: All metal/glass tools will be disinfected with EPA-registered Barbicide.


Service Bed: Bed is wiped with disinfectant after each client. Disposable new bed paper/sheets are used.


Equipment: Cleaned and disinfected with a EPA-registered disinfectant.


Waxing Sticks: As a standard procedure, waxing sticks will never be double-dipped and shall be disposed of after each use.


Face Masks: We shall be wearing a face mask at all times.


Deep Cleaning: Between appointments, additional surfaces shall be re-cleaned (doorknobs, counters, etc).


Air Purifier: A new HEPA-certified air purifier has been installed to help clean the air circulation inside the treatment room.


In addition:

 Upon arrival, there will be a quick temperature check, and you shall be asked a few questions about possible COVID symptoms (fever, repetitive cough, shortness of breath, etc) and whether you’ve recently been in contact with any person that has COVID.


If you feel even slightly under the weather, you must stay home and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.


Hand sanitizer shall be provided for each client.


Everyone must wear a face mask at all times while inside the salon! Leaving home, please don’t forget to bring the mask.


To lessen the chance of contamination, please don’t bring food or drink into the salon suites.


Bottled water will be provided upon request.


Only clients with a pre-booked appointment may enter the salon suite. Sorry, friends, family members and children will not be allowed to accompany you at this time.


All lounge chairs will be removed from the suite’s common areas to minimize the risk of crowd gatherings.


Walk-in and other potential clients will be consulted via phone/text or email and encouraged to learn more information from our website before booking.


We will scale back the appointment schedules to allow more time to ventilate, disinfect, clean and prepare the treatment room between clients.


Upon arrival at the front entrance, please give us a call or text, and we will come outside to let you in.


If you happen to arrive earlier than your appointment, please wait outside. However, feel free to text us to inform us of your arrival, in case we are ready to accommodate you earlier.


At this time, payments via contactless apps Venmo or PayPal are encouraged. However, payments in cash and cards will be accepted as well.


We will all have to adjust to this new normal, but we will get through it together while staying safe and healthy. As we move forward, we will keep you informed of any new policy changes or updates.


Thank you for your loyalty and support during this difficult time, and I look forward to seeing you soon!



Anastasiya @ Peach Perfect