Does waxing result in permanent hair removal?

No, waxing removes hair temporarily. However if waxing is done on a regular basis, it will promote slower, lighter re-growth, sometimes significantly decreasing hair volume.

What kind of wax do we use?

We use premium quality French wax (Cirepil), both hard and soft. For all the bikini services we use hard wax.

What are the benefits of waxing?

Unlike shaving, it promotes growth of less coarse, lighter, thinner hair while simultaneously decreasing new hair growth. It’s popular for beach vacations and special occasions, as well as regular maintenance.

Is there risk of growing thicker hair after waxing?

Not at all, quite the opposite! Waxing is safe for the body as well as for facial features such as eyebrows, lips (above/below), cheeks, sideburns, etc.

How should I prepare for bikini waxing?

For successful bikini waxing, it is imperative for the hair to be at least 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch long (approximately 1.0-1.5 cm). If the hair is too short, it will resist and the wax will struggle to pull it out. The longer the better! If you think the hair might be too long, don’t trim it – if trimming is necessary, we’ll handle that before waxing. Before coming in, take a shower and wear comfortable underwear, preferably soft fabric or cotton. Opt for loose pants, sweatpants, cotton leggings, or a comfortable skirt/dress. Avoid drinking coffee or caffeine-infused drinks right before the appointment.

What should I avoid after waxing?

Postpone for 12 hours: Rigorous exercise, hot yoga, hot sauna, or anything else that causes excessive sweating. Sweat attracts germs that can cause skin to break out. If sweating is unavoidable, please make sure to take a shower immediately afterwards. If facial waxing was performed, postpone makeup application at least for a couple of hours. Avoid swimming in a pool just after waxing (chlorine may slightly irritate the waxed area). Also avoid sun exposure just after waxing: cover the skin with clothes, wear a hat, use sunscreen, and try to stay in the shade to avoid sunburn.

How long should I wait until my next waxing sessions?

It depends on individual hair growth and needs, but here are some recommendations:

Brows: Every 4-5 weeks, or 6 weeks for slow-growing brows.
Full Bikini or Brazilian Bikini: Every 5-6 weeks, or 7 weeks for slow-growing, light hair.

Note: The goal is to have at least 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch hair length wherever you plan to have waxing done (except the face).

Is it safe to wax during pregnancy?

It is quite safe, and very rarely do doctors advise against it, because application of wax DOES NOT penetrate or interfere with the deep dermal layer of the skin, or the vascular and lymphatic systems.

Note: Normally, approximately 90% of patients do not notice any difference or extra sensitivity during pregnancy, and fewer than 10% may feel a bit more sensitivity but it will still be tolerable enough to continue. Any questions or concerns shall be addressed in our initial consultation. It’s very important to choose a skilled and licensed esthetician who has experience in so-called “Pregnancy Waxing”.