Secrets to Healthy Eyebrows

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April 12, 2019
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Your eyebrows are a defining feature, and they play a pivotal role in your overall look. Waxing, tweezing and shaping are services you can use in order to achieve the perfect look for your eyebrows. You will want your eyebrows to complement your natural facial features and enhance your beauty, and these services can help you achieve the exact look that you want. 

However, keeping your eyebrows healthy is also necessary. Here’s a few secrets to getting healthy, luscious eyebrows:

Moisturize Your Eyebrows

Everyone knows that they need to moisturize their skin in order to achieve that natural, healthy glow. However, far too many people overlook their eyebrows when they are applying their daily moisturizer. We use masks,conditioners, etc for our head hair all the time, but what about eyebrow hair? It is also a hair that needs some care! 🙂

We should keep in mind that beneath the brows is the same skin as on the rest of the face that needs moisturization and nourishment. By applying moisturizing cream, or a few drops of oils ( jojoba, coconut,vitamin E bio oil) once/twice a week will help your brows look and feel more healthy and beautiful. When you put on your moisturizer or oil drops after the shower, be sure to not rub it into your brows vigorously but rather pad on gently with your fingertips.This routine will encourage natural growth, and can improve the texture of dry, unruly, coarse hair of your brows. 

Massage Your Eyebrows

After you have applied moisturizer to your eyebrows,as well is around the brows and forehead quickly massage the area for a few minutes performing circular motions. This helps to improve the blood circulation in your face and along your brow line, and will help to promote hair growth with the benefit of preventing early wrinkles appearance. This is an important step for women who want to achieve a fuller brow look.

Maintenance of Eyebrows in between appointments

The best for your brows is to allow 4-6 weeks to pass between next waxing session. Patience is the key to a healthy eyebrows! It is very easy to impatiently start tweezing your brows every other day little by little: two more hair here and two more there…and as a result it can ruin the eyebrow shape and sometimes cause irreversible damage to the hair growth. Only a few most prominent hair that grew outside of actual brow should be tweezed or plucked at home. I highly recommend to wait until your next appointment and leave it to a professional guidance.

At Peach Perfect, we can not only help you achieve the look that you want with our eyebrow services, but we also can provide you with personalized recommendations for how to improve the natural health of your eyebrows.

For more information on caring for your eyebrows, contact us today!

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