What are the Differences Between Hard and Soft Wax?

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May 10, 2019

For a long period of time waxing has been considered a painful hair removal treatment.  Luckily, this beauty regimen is now far more tolerable and less painful because the quality of waxes has improved immensely over the last decade.  Today we have the option of using different types of waxes specially formulated for more sensitive skin, for certain body parts (example: bikini area, face), etc.  This includes waxes that are designed for fine and soft hair, versus “heavy duty” waxes that are better for removing more coarse and stubborn hair. Many clients don’t realize that the type of wax used on the skin has a major impact on the overall experience. Those who rely on waxing for hair removal, looking to achieve long-lasting, flawless results, rely on their beauty service professional’s technical knowledge to provide them with a treatment that is both as effective and as minimally painful as possible.

At Peach Perfect, we offer customized waxing treatment services for all of our clients.  Depending on the treatment, your skin type and peculiarities, hair texture, etc… we use appropriate, top-of-the-line hard or soft waxes.

When Is It Best to Use Hard Wax?

Hard wax is a thick wax that is applied on the skin when quite warm (but not too hot!).  A spatula-type tool is used to spread the wax over the desired area, and when the wax hardens, which takes 2-3 seconds, it is removed.  A waxing cloth strip is not necessary to use at all with this type of wax, removal is done by hand. Hard wax is best to use for the following:

  • When removing fine hair on small areas (example: facial features, eyebrows, underarms) or removing thicker hair in the bikini zone. 
  • When performing all types of bikini services (Classic Bikini, Full Bikini and more in-depth Brazilian Bikini).  Hard wax is safely applied on delicate and sensitive skin, yet it’s very efficient in removing thick and coarse hair in the bikini area. Many customers find hard wax less painful and “traumatizing”, as it does not leave any sticky residue on the skin, therefore leaving the skin perfectly in peace, with minimal or zero irritation or sensitivities.

When Should Soft Wax Be Used?

Soft wax has a more liquid consistency, and can easily be spread over the skin with a disposable spatula.  Once the wax is applied, a waxing strip is adhered to the wax, followed by a fast removal. Quality soft wax, with some essential oil as a “buffer” ingredient, helps to protect the skin during hair removal. Soft wax is best to use for the following:

  • When used for removing hair on larger parts of the body (legs, arms, back, full stomach area).  It is possible to use soft wax on facial features like eyebrows, or for underarm area / bikini line (but not for a Full Bikini/Brazilian), but it must be done with great caution! 

Waxing using a soft wax usually is well-tolerated by most people, but it requires knowledge and experience to perform properly and safely, so that the skin feels and looks healthy after the treatment, with a minimum of redness and sensitivity.

Whether you have a personal preference as to wax type(s) or you would like to rely on the expertise of your waxing technician, you can be assured that at Peach Perfect you will enjoy a waxing treatment that is both comfortable and effective.

For more information on our waxing services or to book your next appointment, contact us today.


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