Tips on Prepping for Waxing

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June 25, 2019
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It doesn’t matter whether you are having your eyebrows waxed or you are going in for a Brazilian waxing, you will want to prep your skin so that you can enjoy the best possible results.

These tips will help you prepare for your next waxing treatment:

Stay Hydrated in the Days Leading Up to Your Appointment

It sounds surprisingly simple, but drinking plenty of water will help your skin stay naturally hydrated. When your skin is hydrated, you will enjoy better results from your waxing treatment and there will likely be less side effects as well.

Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

When your skin is properly moisturized, the waxing treatment will be easier for you to endure and more effective as well. While you probably use a moisturizer on a daily basis, you should incorporate an additional hydrating cream to your skin care regiment at least three days prior to your waxing treatment. Use the hydrating cream immediately after a shower or bath to trap that extra water in your skin.

However, please avoid putting on skin various moisturizing creams, lotions, etc. right before ( 30min – 1 hour) your waxing appointment. Some rich body oils, moisturizes, lotions will create extra resistance for waxing. Rich amount of emollients will prevent wax from sticking to the hair, extra moisture and oiliness will repel waxing application and ability to stick to the hair.
Same concern is applicable for waxing facial features like: eyebrows, lips, chin, or a full face, etc- some makeup foundations, heavy rich moisturizers, serums, creams contain mineral oils and other ingredients that might prevent effective removal of unwanted hair.

Allow Hair to Grow to the Proper Length

Avoid using at-home hair removal techniques in between your waxing treatments. Rather, allow your hair to grow naturally to the required length in order to enjoy the best possible results. The hair length should be about 1/4 inch in order to effectively remove the hair by the root.

We are happy to provide you with personalized care tips for preparing for your waxing treatment service. We want you to enjoy a comfortable experience and superior results. To learn more about the waxing services that we provide, contact us today!

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